List Week! 1. Five Best Drummers

John Stanier (Battles)
Zach Hill (Marnie Stern)
Greg Saunier (Deerhoof)
BJ Miller (HEALTH)
Tony Higgins (So Cow)


6 responses to “List Week! 1. Five Best Drummers

  1. um, I may know little to nothing about what constitutes good drumming, but I am pretty sure you forgot Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney and Malkmus fame.

  2. I like Sleater-Kinney and I like Real Emotional Trash (might be alone there) but all those dudes trump her. Except for maybe Tony, but I’ve never seen her in action, so Tony keeps the trophy for now.

  3. Janet Weiss for fucking sure. The woman is unreal!! Listen to the drumming on Quasi- Our happiness is Guaranteed.

    Agree with ya on Greg, but the best drummer of all time ever is Buddy Rich.

  4. Good list. I would have probably included yer man from Holy Fuck.

  5. Re: Holy Fuck guy – yeah, probably could have included him, but there were a lot of math-rocky guys…

    Re: Buddy Rich – I am aware of Buddy Rich… but i don’t think I have ever intentionally listened to him for more than about twenty seconds. So no list for Buddy.

  6. yes yes yessss! Battles man is THE best when i saw them live i was just in awe he was hitting the his ridiculously high hi-hat for aggeeeess. Redfaced and veins popping eveywhere. Stamina indeed.
    ESG ‘s drummer is pretty a simple but really catchy way. The guy from !!! who also drums for Outhud and Free Blood is one of the bessies too. Oh and Pat Mahony from Lcd. He also look like big foot and wears disco shorts when he drums 🙂

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