America of the South

I don’t normally do this sort of post, but then I don’t normally do the sort of post I did the last three times I’ve posted, and I’m in the wilds of exam stress at the moment so I’m going to DO IT ANYWAY

Because this band is incredible.

America del Sur formed somewhere in America some time in the last few years. Then they broke up. When they did exist, they made an album on tape and for free download on the internet.

It’s a synthesis of Grizzly Bear-esque unusual chordliness, Of Montreal-sque many-chordfulness, Tapes ‘n’ Tapes-ish energy, Pavement-oid guitar meandering and…

It’s just fantastic, put it that way. It’s the great lost American record, better than everything but maybe five albums I’ve heard in the past year. And it’s legitimately free. You need to hear this.

America del Sur – America Del Sur (Rack and Ruin Records, 2008)


6 responses to “America of the South

  1. gosh you’re enthused eh. I’m heading right over to check that shit out.

  2. Haha this is partly why I don’t do this normally.

    But hey, you’re either excited about something or you’re not.

    And this is good stuff.

  3. Good to see these kind of posts too.

  4. Thanks for the post. I shall check this out presently…

  5. It's great to read such an enthused message. Ross Del Sur has a solo project also on Rack & Ruin. If you're a fan of America Del Sur, then you should really check out Picayunes. His latest EP came out just a couple of weeks ago, and it is another great record!



  6. Stick all your eggs in one basket more often. Thanking YOU.

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