So Cow In A Shed

  1. Television Personalities – This Angry Silence (And Don’t The Kids Just Love It, Rough Trade, 1981)
  2. Kim Jung Mi – I Wanna Enjoy The Warm Spring Breeze (Now, World Psychedelia [Korea], 1973)
  3. The Who – Boris The Spider (A Quick One, Reaction, 1966)
  4. Fiddle Bambi – Banana Uyu (Bambi Rocks, Beatball [Korea], 2005)
  5. Annie Philippe – On M’a Toujours Dit (Ticket de Quai EP, Riviera [France], 1966)
  6. Big Monster Love – Little Bear’s Song (Perils of Internet Dating EP, Abomination, 2006)
  7. Tracey Ullman – They Don’t Know (You Broke My Heart In 17 Places, Motown, 1983)

I think they call that crate-digging. Except internet age crate digging.

That’s right.


It’s great, too.

Download it here


5 responses to “So Cow In A Shed

  1. Okay…

    The Kim Jung Mi track is from a FANTASTIC album called ‘Now’. I will throw a cd-r in your direction if you wish. Albums breaks down 50% ballads 50% fuzzy glee pop…Also search:
    Guitarist Shin Jung Hyun was a overlord of the Korean psyche scene, produced and played on Kim Jung Mi’s three albums. This is his own stuff…some real awesome sounds to be found.

    Banana Uyu is from Fiddle Bambi’s first and only album Bambi Rocks. It was on Beatball Records on Korea…they distribute Sub Pop over there and put out a few great records from the local Hongdae scene.


  2. Now is from ’73.
    Fiddle Bambi from ’05.

    Oh and thanks for posting the link!

  3. gabbagabbahey


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