Fighting in the Apes

Live Concert Video – Fight Like Apes

What, you mean you’ve never seen a full Fight Like Apes gig?!

Well here’s one in Holland to a crowd who clearly have no idea what the hell is going on.

Nothing provokes the nationalist feeling like a nice Lilywhite accent billowing off a stage towards Dutch people.


3 responses to “Fighting in the Apes

  1. Good Post. Its a pity the sound is a bit poor. Your so right about the crowd not knowing what to do. There’s one guy going mental for most of the gig and everyone else is looking at him like he’s crazy…

  2. I think I remember when Fight Like Apes gigs in Dublin were like that… it’s a rite of passage maybe.

  3. True shame that Fabchannel is closing, the record companies who didn’t support this site should be truly ashamed.

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