Wellllllllllll I got friends in low places.

High Places.

What they do is not so much performance as a sort of twisted midwifery to a very obscured and confused baby. Man playing very low-volume drum pads and a woodblock. Woman talking (not even backwards), or singing without enthusiasm. A table covered in wires acting as a barrier between uninterested band and uninterested crowd. There is no aspect of this that comes across better live than on record. In fact, the most impressive member of High Places, Sampler, would probably prefer not to tour at all.

The best thing High Places have ever done was appear on Bradford Cox’s video guide to the Pitchfork festival. And I don’t even like Bradford Cox. May this band go away soon, and may their mp3s languish unheard in the mysterious ether of a thousand hard drives till the Great Computer Virus of the Future removes them from recorded history.

No catchy bits. Even their “one good song” was drowned in its own self-conscious muck. This is a totem pole made of its own hype, and it should never be given the twelve euro tribute I foolishly gave it.


8 responses to “Wellllllllllll I got friends in low places.

  1. you knew before you went it was going to be crap.

  2. I know, yeah.

  3. Fucking right on Karl. That band give me the heebie-deebie-weebies. They are an insipid puddle of embryonic fluid that leaked out of animal collective’s huge pregnant belly.

  4. Amen. And that girl is possessed or something, I think…

  5. “That band give me the heebie-deebie-weebies.”

    “And that girl is possessed or something, I think”

    I was at this gig, and I don’t recall it resembling The Exorcist.. is gentle tropical-inflected twee pop really all that terrifying? And contrary to the review, I thought they were okay, though there’s a probably unavoidable karaoke feel to their show caused by the fact that the songs are so heavily based on layers of samples.

  6. I suppose to clarify, I saw High Places before at the Foggy Notions festival and thought they were boring. I mainly went to this to see Grand Pocket Orchestra.

    They’re so un-engaging though. Whatever about them on record, them playing live is so pointless.

  7. They are the epitome of hipster cack. I thought for while after their EP that they might do something interesting but their performance in Vicar Street bored strips of my goolies so much.

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