Catch up

Port O’Brien were a tentative plus. More, in a slightly less familiar tone than is usually taken here, posted at Analogue. They seemed tired, and they didn’t play Pigeonhold, but it was still pretty good. I went to Whelans with a guy I know but hadn’t seen in ages, his Nordy girlfriend, Zebedee and Joshua. They plied me with free rider wine and we discussed how Thin Lizzy definitely aren’t the best Irish band ever, despite what (assumably) Mighty Stef fans shouted during the set. Zeb thought Van Morrison was the best if he counts, and he didn’t hate U2. I withheld my opinion so as not to be rude. They were mad for the Guinness.

The USB cable for my phone doesn’t seem to be doing anything, so the era of the no-fi snap is dead and I’m back to stealing Flickr pictures from anyone whose Flickr I can find and Google Image searching “salmon of knowledge”. Alas.

Why? was excellent if exactly the same as last time in Crawdaddy, and very much different but very interesting in the stripped down gig at Twisted Pepper. A review of both will be forthcoming.

It’s that time of year to start thinking about a top 25. If anyone has any recommendations of things that they think are better than Vampire Weekend, Deerhoof, Of Montreal or Why?, tell me now while there’s still breathing room.

New Analogue goes to print tomorrow with a 2,500 word Vampire Weekend interview (uaimse) and a similarly-sized Built To Spill piece from Darragh leading the troops to battle. This one appears to have been copy-edited hard, too, so prepare for new levels of free, mistake-free indie music journalism.



10 responses to “Catch up

  1. Did Zebedee and Joshua remember you from the last time?

  2. also did you know:

    “I woke up today” from the album “All We Could Do Was Sing” was reccently used as the backing music for several Dulux Paints television advertisement in Australia

  3. That’s pretty cheesy. They didn’t remember me, no, and Van and Cambria didn’t come out at all, but they were cool nonetheless.

  4. Hi Karl, you beat me with the piece length. My Built to Spill piece is around 1,900 methinks

  5. The Indie Bar Kid

    I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with the first paragraph of a typically over-dramatic CMG review, but there we go. Mr. Alexander says it best: “it’s telling that there is not one moment of transcendence,”. Bang on. I don’t know how you can have it in the same league as last year’s worthy Album of the Year, McNuggets.

    I’m willing to accept the album as a Statement, Kevin, or Georgie Fruit (I’m having a bout of tranny-vomit just typing that) has earned a fuck-off-and-suck-my-entropic-tundra thanks to recent form, but to consider it musically or emotionally a classic album to enter the OM canon is to put on a blindfold and play pin the tail on the sawmill.


    What have I just started?

  6. Ah Dan it’s not all bad. “Parenthetical labia (I punctuate!)”
    and “Swollen Phallus voyages to Skerksgjydl” both have interesting 6 second bits that you can actually hum along to.

  7. The Indie Bar Kid

    I personally enjoyed “The Nymphet’s Uterus Becomes Our Home”, and thought “Prometheus Bound (And Gagged)” had all the right ideas, but am too ashamed to admit it outside of a blog comment board

  8. There are so many moments of transcendence. So many. There are at least two in the first song alone. Then the “always hot magic” bit is the next one, in track 2 technically.

    It gets better every listen too. New bits come out.

  9. The Return of The Indie Bar Kid!!!

  10. Not that cunt…

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