No encroaching

Went to see Ireland B play Nottingham Forest in Dalymount tonight. A couple of key points:

  • It was probably the worst football match I’ve ever paid to see.
  • The only notable player from either team was Caleb Folan who scored before being taken off at half time. He’s actually good, and made an effort.
  • Nottingham Forest feature a geriatric but still plugging away Andy Cole. Compare his trajectory with his strike partner Dwight Yorke’s… one is playing friendlies on a Wednesday night for a team of dossers against a team of kids. The other is an anchoring midfielder in a decent enough Premiership team.
  • The queue for chips was at least 8 long the whole way through the second half.

Trap was there though. Nice to see he really exists. Also (you can look away here anyone who knows me in reality):

Anthony Stokes of Sunderland and Ireland (Bs but also senior squad) once played for Shelbourne, before he moved over to Arsenal’s youth academy. When I was in second year, the team I played sluggish but sly right back for lost 15-0 to his Shelbourne team in the cup, and he scored 8 goals. In my memory he was about 6’3″. In reality he seems about 5’9″. But that’s my claim to fame. I hope he becomes a future legend.

In a side note, I went to Soundcheck afterwards with two accomplices. We walked in, walked upstairs, came back downstairs, stood awkwardly for three minutes and then left. Note to self: you are too young for Soundcheck.


2 responses to “No encroaching

  1. sly but sluggish? I somehow can’t imagine you being a sly player Karl. Why not “sluggish but skillful”. I’d say Trap was looking at that B squad and saying multiple rosaries to himself.

  2. I compensated for lack of speed with body placement. Specifically placement of my foot. I wouldn’t insult skillful players by claiming that.

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