New Blogroll

How fancy is the new blogroll thing? Does it in order of the most recently updated. That’s going to make things so handy for me. I can finally delete half of the myriad live and dead bookmarks on my Firefox. Bit of spring cleaning.

I will start going to gigs again soon, I promise. Maybe starting with Our Brother The Native on Sunday.

Then I can hopefully knock the video for The Rat down to a place where it doesn’t wreck the Blogger theme, and get back into the right way of doing things around here.


5 responses to “New Blogroll

  1. Now I’m just going to use your blogroll for a while. Nice.

  2. Karl?!!!!! You want people to clean their bumchutes on the book of kells? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. That’s the Magna Carta. God, you can’t tell that on sight?! Shocking.

  4. thanks for the comment over at nickthinks. new post on monday!

  5. fancy bleedin smancy blog thingy

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