The Rat.

Tried to post this on the Analogue blog a while ago but I don’t think it worked.

No words can express how deadly I think this song and this performance is. If words could express it, the words I would choose would be: violent, frenetic, energetic, frantic, fast.

I wonder if the Walkmen ever resent Vampire Weekend for leapfrogging them.


6 responses to “The Rat.

  1. Excellent. There’s some decent Walkmen stuff on Pitchfor TV at the moment too.

  2. That’s where I got this. They’re playing here soon. Might go.

  3. Odd. That’s the second mention of that particular (oldish) Walkman track I’ve seen in 24 hours.

    New album is pretty good.

  4. I love the new Walkmen album. Should be an excellent gig. As should the Roots Manuva gig you’ve mentioned in your other post there – some quality stuff coming up.

  5. Hi Karl, I thought nobody got my vampire weekend comparison until I saw your review in analogue. They are going to be super live I think.

  6. My favourite Walkmen songs. Always thing the vocal sounds like Rod Stewart, though.

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