music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day

A summary is a shortened version of the original. The main purpose of such a simplification is to highlight the major points from the genuine (much longer) subject, e.g. a text, a film or an event. The aim is to help the audience get the gist in a short period of time.

Groom – Not impressed. A little bit OK Computer-y at times, but way less cool. And the song of theirs that kept coming on between bands is something I cannot imagine anyone who doesn’t watch rom-coms without irony ever liking.

The Hot Sprockets – I was expecting “folky” and “a whole different buzz altogether”, because the girl from Muzu said they’d be like that. But they weren’t.

Holy Roman Army – This band needs to get some visuals going, and figure out a more exciting way of playing live. Granted, they were on way too early for the kind of music they play, but being soporific is never a good trait in a live band.

The Vinny Club – Man pressed play on iTunes, then arses around.

Foxface – Their blurb was about ten times as exciting as they were.

Noise Control – 90s rap rock? Seriously?

Heathers – Can’t see why everyone is so impressed by these. They have a couple of lyrical turns that make you go “hmm”, but if you do everything using terms of reference derived from female American singer-songwriters from the 1990s you’re never going to be able to be new or impressive. I also couldn’t stomach the fact that they literally did not stop harmonising once in the first four songs.

Carly Sings – Too quiet, venue too loud. Couldn’t hear, had to leave.

So there you have it. Hard Working Class Heroes 2008.


2 responses to “music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day

  1. My God, you are a bad reviewer.

  2. Hello band member.

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