Dance of the Sugar Rush Fairy

Okay, back to do this after an absence due to dog ear haematoma removal. Let’s do this shit.

Grand Pocket Orchestra
are back (i.e. I haven’t seen them in a while), and they’ve evolved (like a Pokémon) into something essentially the same but intangibly better. Boat loads of songs I hadn’t heard before were spilled out into Andrew’s Lane Theatre on Saturday with maximum aplomb. It wasn’t just that I hadn’t seen them performed before… they were songs I hadn’t heard before, a style that was new and different. Less finger-paint, more Jackson Pollock.

New single Ballet Shoes is an example of it, to an extent. Hearing that song makes me do the band-comparison stream in my head. Vampire Weekend? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!? Built To Spill? Am I just going mad? Possible. But other songs, only experienced for their sub-two minute durations and then part-forgotten after they zoomed by, had even more of an impression. One of the songs, with no guitar in the intro, reminded me of something Sunset Rubdown might do. Another one didn’t remind me of anyone from America, and I can’t remember any details apart from thinking it was DEADLY.

In my last Fight Like Apes post, I finished saying something silly like “Grand Pocket Orchestra, step it up” or whatever. But I have to admit, as stupid a remark as that was, I was not fully expecting them to make a leap. I liked them, and I expected them to be as good as they were for a while yet. The kind of band I’d go to see at a festival, or at Whelans maybe if I had the money to spare. I’d buy what they put out, and use it in my CD alarm clock. But, to borrow Ian’s expression… shit just got real, yo. Excitement is kicking in. Genuinely anticipating their next EP. Waiting on an album. Wanting to see the songs that they played so briefly again, and get to know them. I can’t wait to watch this unfold.

Apart from intelligent and engaging new songs, Grand Pocket Orchestra still have: an ADD-esque mentaller for a singer, a lady with an octopus-like capacity for playing multiple instruments simultaneously, a vaguely unsettling guitarist and an excellent drummer with a mohawk. The live show has never been less than excellent with this combination. But imagine: GPO action figures… how is that not a good idea?



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