You! You work all night!

Over the weekend, I attended my second Hard Working Class Heroes festival. This time last year I was mulling over the experiences of the twenty or so bands I saw/noticed, and considering whether to start a blog to collect my thoughts. I decided to do it, and God help me, I live with that narcissistic watershed to this day. That was in the Pod complex, and it was great. This year it was in various venues scattered from Abbey Street to Andrew’s Lane.

Obvious advantages of having it in Pod:

  1. So, so quick to get from venue to venue because a) everything is obviously connected, b) you don’t have to get through the hen-stag traffic that clogs the arteries Temple Bar on the weekend and c) I only got asked for ID once over the whole weekend last year(as opposed to somewhere between ten and twenty this weekend – DO I REALLY LOOK THAT YOUNG?)
  2. You don’t get the same bleed to surroundings. How many people missed (at least the start of) bands because they were getting food, or got delayed in a shop buying cigarettes, or something like that? In Tripod, it’s a five minute walk to anywhere remotely worth being, so people tend to just stick around.
  3. It doesn’t rain indoors.

Anyway, here’s how I’m going to format this year’s reviews. I didn’t see as much as last year, and half of what I did see, I only saw some of, so I’m only going to do full reviews for a couple of bands per night, and then do a wrap-up. Sásta go leor?

Right. Better get to it then.


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