I’m in Krakow at the moment, about a week into a month-long wander through Europe ending at Lowlands in Holland. I’ve been to Vienna, Bratislava and Auschwitz so far and I’ll be in Warsaw by tomorrow night, but in keeping with my diligent efforts to conscientiously document my entire experience of live music, I am going to blog for a minute between checking e-mails and train timetables in a net cafe.

I saw Gipsy Kings accidently in a square in the middle of the Old City in Krakow last night. They were pretty funny. Latin rhythm, tourists shaking their bum-bags, gypsy dancers gypsy dancing. My girlfriend loved it. She was brought up on the Gipsy Kings. I, on the other hand, was discovering them for the first time apart from that Bombolayo song that I didn’t know was by them.

It was funny. I laughed. The singer kept saying “Polskaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” even though everyone in the square at 10 on a Sunday was an American tourist or a stag night. An experience.



One response to “Polskaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  1. My Left Ventricle

    Ah mega! I love the Gipsy Kings!!
    Enjoy the rest of your travels mister 😀

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