Part Time Job

Something I do occasionally is make music on my four track. It is usually layered up with fake versions of things like French horns and Moog sounds. It’s about things varying from date rape in the Abbasid empire to Macbeth, taking in city-tiredness and feelings of resignation on the way. I call it/myself Treehouses.

On Thursday I’ll be supporting Ugly Megan and Disconnect The Dots in Anseo on Camden St. I won’t have the layers of French horns, but I will have electric piano, drum machine and Fender Stratocaster with which to back myself up. I’ll be playing for about 25 minutes, some time not long after 8 o’clock.

The €6.50 door price goes on financing a ‘zine that the Indie Bar Kid is trying to print, which contains such interesting things as this interview with So Cow, a rambly piece on Nitelink music by me, and a Reviews section set in 1995 (again including reviews of Tupac and Green Day by me, as well as Pavement, Pulp and much more).

Come down and watch. I’m not promising anything, but come anyway.


4 responses to “Part Time Job

  1. I’d go, but I’ll be at Cadence Weapon.

    Have a good set though dude. (A strat? How classic rock of you.)

  2. I’ll go if *ahem* you all promise to come to lorena’s indie night gift afterwards. Just kidding I’m going with bells on. Good luck Karl.

  3. I’ve to go to Venetian Snare(s) and then Cadence Weapon. i reckon I can defo get in on time to see you though, run to ALT, then the Mutton Factory. Cool name for your ‘project’. Cooler than mine anyway. I used to go under the monicker of ‘Tortoise Love Champagne’

  4. Ian: Thank you. You misspelled ROC though.

    Darragh: If I can offload my gear somehow.

    Adam: Terrible name.

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