Death-Week Review Preview

Here are my two schedules for this week:


  • Monday, Animal Collective
  • Tuesday, Sunset Rubdown
  • Wednesday, Champion’s League Final
  • Thursday, Xiu Xiu


  • Monday 9.30am, History
  • Tuesday 9.30am, English (in the fucking RDS! [I live in Blanchardstown] What the fuck!)
  • Wednesday 2.00pm, English (same)
  • Thursday, no exam
  • Friday 9.30am, English
  • Saturday 9.30am, History

It is a week of little free time, where the men are the separated from the boys. The men are the ones who suck it up and sell their tickets on so they do well in their exams. The boys (i.e. me) are the ones who have to run for the 2 o’clock Nitelink to be in bed for 3am to get up at 7.30am to do a exam in leafy Ballsbridge.

Animal Collective and Sunset Rubdown were great. Manchester United and Xiu Xiu have a lot to live up to. Proper walkthroughs when I don’t have A MILLION FUCKING EXAMS! See you then.


3 responses to “Death-Week Review Preview

  1. Grrr plop! I just laid an egg. Fair fucks to you Karl. When you are an unemployed 60 year because of your failed degree you can tell your grandkids, well “I got to see an enormous spaceship land inside Whelans on the 19th of May 2008 and use multi-coloured musical lazers to blast everyone’s brains into orgasmic little puddles of melted goo.”

  2. that was me Darragh compost heap the way. Shit I’m after laying a second egg in two minutes. I’m off to eat a steak to get the protein levels back up.

  3. Don’t worry young’un. Come third year (possibly, if you’re lucky 2nd year), you’ll be doing all if not most of yo exams on campus. Then there’s no excuse for poor results…

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